Archival Image provides research and procurement services for developers seeking visual resources for exhibitions, documentaries, and print publications. With a keen understanding of archival principles and practice, we specialize in eking out unique content from public and privately held archives, and negotiate licenses with rights holders. 

We work collaboratively with clients to establish budgets and production timelines, conduct rights research, and coordinate asset delivery. 


Archival Image is fundamentally committed to the preservation and use of historical photography and visual materials collections. We work with collectors and collecting repositories, as well as creators and heirs on acquisitions, asset monetization, and legacy planning.

Services depend upon a client's goals and may include development of content appraisals and inventories, conservation assessment and treatment, valuation, or negotiation between donors and museums in advance of collection transfer.


Archival Image provides services related to the administration of archival collections, be they in the hands of cultural institutions, businesses, or families. Services include archival arrangement and description, digitization and metadata, preservation housing, and collection management.

We work closely with clients to anticipate the demands of stakeholders - be they grant funders, researchers, or family members - to ensure that work meets the diverse goals of each project. 

All Rights Reserved, Archival Image, LLC 2021  / Photo credits, L-R: The Cast of Star Trek visits space shuttle Enterprise,1976; Courtesy, NASA; Pamphlet, Quick Tips with Cheese, ca. 1955, Dairy Management, Inc.;  / Otis Rush and Little Bobby at Pepper's Lounge, 1963. Raeburn Flerlage estate. Follow: archival_image